“What is worth advertising without connection?”

Théophraste Renaudot
Founder of advertising

Our identity

We are NETCO Group’s relational advertising agency

Every great company starts out with a good connection: a connection between an idea and a person, between products and people.

That is why we strive to create these connections, through advertising.

Our role

Connect brands with their audience. Find their ‘something shared’ to create a story shared. Why? Because a brand loved is a brand treasured.

#imaginative #sustainable

We use our imagination to spark enthusiasm, optimism and passion… to keep the flame alive.

The best stories are those that last.

Why? Because they are full of twists and turns and adventures that can only be fully appreciated over time.

Our skills

PtoP (from B2B to B2C): communication is primarily an act between one person and another, whether a mass campaign or a personalised marketing promotion.

Whatever the method or media used:
TV - Web - display - print - social media - direct marketing - street marketing - POS advertising